Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Aer Soléir’s passion is sustainability. We commit every day to the greening of Europe.

The company is a pure play renewable energy business investing in large scale wind, solar and storage ventures. Our aim is to develop, build, own and operate a multi-GW portfolio of onshore wind, solar and storage projects throughout Europe.

The European Green Deal was published at the end of 2019. It is a policy roadmap to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy and stop climate change, reverse biodiversity loss and cut pollution. It outlines investments needed and financing tools available and explains how to ensure a just and inclusive transition. It will set into legislation Europe’s political ambition to be the world’s first climate neutral continent by 2050. 

Meeting the objectives of the European Green Deal will require significant investment. Achieving the current 2030 climate and energy targets is estimated to require €260 billion of additional annual investment, representing about 1.5% of 2018 GDP. The commission estimates that to achieve net zero in 2050 an additional 1000GW of solar PV, 750GW of onshore wind and 450GW of offshore wind will have to be built over this time. At least 25% of the EU’s long-term budget will be dedicated to climate action, and the European Investment Bank, Europe’s climate bank, will provide further support.

Aer Soléir’s mission is to develop and build best in class, large scale, energy transition projects. Our projects provide material economic benefits to local landowners and communities. We supply safe, reliable and valuable clean energy to our customers. We deliver superior returns for our investors. We create an enduring green environment for the peoples of Europe.

Our vision is that one day, everyone’s life will be electrified sustainably.

Our values are sustainability, integrity and teamwork

Sustainability; Sustainability is our passion. It is the ability of our planet to live, survive and thrive within its means. Our commitment to sustainability means that our economic, environmental and societal focus in the present ensures that we will not compromise our planet for future generations.

Integrity; We always act with integrity. We are honest and we are uncompromising in our adherence to strong moral and ethical principles. Our environmental and safety commitment to our staff, partners, contractors, communities and all of our stakeholders is absolute.

Teamwork; We always act as a team. As a team we are stronger than the individual. We are a boundaryless organisation where we are all empowered to be bold. We are all leaders and we daily demonstrate leadership. We will always be accountable to ourselves, our colleagues, our communities, our customers, our partners, our stakeholders and our team for our own  performance.

Chief Operations Officer (COO) – This role reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer. The role will be located in Dublin, Ireland. The role will involve an extensive commitment to travel and regular periods away from home. Travel in general will be within Europe and the US but may from time to time extend beyond these geographies.


The COO will have responsibility for the day-to-day performance of the operations of the business. The COO will be accountable to the CEO for operating activities relating to; safety; strategy implementation; revenue growth; expense, cost and margin control; best practice systems and processes implementation to deliver operational excellence; all development, engineering, specification, tendering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance and asset management activities.

All day-to-day operations will be reported on monthly through the rigorous implementation best in class processes and procedures which will form the bedrock of the company’s performance management systems. 

The COO will work closely with the Chief Financial and Investment Officer and the Investment, Finance and Accounting teams.

The COO will ensure that all members of the company’s teams feel empowered and that interactions throughout the business are boundaryless.

The COO will promote an atmosphere of trust throughout the business. The COO will ensure that the teams and individuals within the company have the world class competencies required to deliver industry leading performance and will have a style of leadership that inspires the commitment of all to our vision, mission and values.

The COO will lead the operational business with a clear mandate to develop, build, and operate a market-leading portfolio of renewable energy assets in Europe and will  provide leadership across the business in the areas of origination, development, partnering, structuring and execution, engineering, specification, tendering, bidding, construction, and operations

This role reports to the CEO.


  • Prioritise safety throughout the enterprise.  Ensure that the Integrated Management System (IMS) for Safety, Health and Environment is in place, up to date, and that all related activities are undertaken to best international practice standards
  • Lead by example to ensure the company’s vision and mission are to the fore at all times. Promote the company’s values such that they are visibly part of our culture and are an integral part of day-to-day activity in the company
  • Set all targets for the areas of the business under the COO’s control in agreement with the CEO, through the establishment of clear performance goals, key performance indicators and allocation of resources.
  • Demonstrate successful execution of business strategies for company
  • Work with the CEO and CFIO to implement and review plans for each upcoming year. The COO’s direct reports will develop and submit their targets and budgets to the COO. The COO will ensure that each area of the COO’s responsibility will achieve its goals and spending in line with the company’s overall plans, targets and budget.
  • Work closely with the CFIO to ensure that effective financial structure and management reporting are implemented. Together with the CFIO review budgets, cash flow statements, balance sheets, debt information, income statements etc., to determine how best to allocate and use the company’s resources and to maintain the highest level of understanding of the company’s financial position at all times
  • Direct internal operations to achieve budgeted results and other financial criteria in line with the company’s investment strategy and capital deployment plans.
  • Develop and establish operating policies consistent with the CEO’s broad policies and objectives and ensures their rigorous execution. 
  • Direct the development and implementation of best-in-class systems, procedures, controls, processes and reporting to ensure full transparency of the operation of the business allied with a comprehensive performance management system with agreed targets and key performance indicators.
  • Appraise and evaluate the results of overall operations regularly and systematically and report these results to the CEO.
  • Promote communication and adequate information flow, and thereby solidify management control and direction of the enterprise.
  • Constantly review current processes, structures and resources within the business and make recommendations to meet challenges posed by changing business environment.
  • Ensure that all activities and operations are performed in compliance with all regulations and laws governing business operations.
  • Develop and maintain a sound plan of organization.  Establish policies to ensure adequate management development and to provide for capable management succession plans.
  • Develop and implement plans in line with the company strategy and business plans to ensure shareholder value creation by delivering sustainable growth over the next 5 years.
  • Build and lead a strong entrepreneurial team that will deliver industry-leading performance in the region.
  • Secure commercial offtake solutions for renewable energy projects as a primary objective in driving the overarching aims of the business. Procure customers from local or central government and/or private sector organisations who may wish to enter into power purchase agreements for renewable electricity
  • Support the positioning of the company as a recognised leading renewable energy player with stakeholders in Europe
  • Leadership and day-to-day management of the local teams including their recruitment, development, retention, evaluation and motivation.
  • Interactions with European Governments and Agencies (be it at EU level, central government, provincial or local), politicians and civil servants and representative bodies and trade associations to influence energy policy relating to renewables and the company’s business objectives.
  • Monitoring and intervening, where necessary, in relation to renewable policy and support and working in conjunction, where necessary, with other industry players and influencers to effect business supporting policy outcomes.
  • Specifying customer expectations and requirements, for instance what technology, demand scale and shape is required.
  • Proactively managing partnerships and associated relationships on behalf of the company
  • Investigate and lead entry into new market opportunities throughout Europe
  • Promote the company’s brand throughout Europe through written articles, other media, conferences, seminars and events.
  • Secure a social license for the company’s projects by ensuring that the company and its development partners engage early, often and respectfully with the communities we operate within.
Job Category: Finance
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Dublin

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